Wednesday, 21 May 2008

The paths of May

An inviting old trackway.

The beginnings of a miz maze.

Beautiful Sycamore tree in full summer dress.

Foel Drygarn beyond the May green trees and fields.

Bellflowers amongst the white quartz topping an old wall.


Moonroot said...

May is such a beautiful month.
Is that your labyrinth? I want to make one, but the first time I tried, I got so confused that I had to give up. I know how to draw them on paper, but large-scale on the ground was another matter!!!

Dreaming Stone said...

Lovely isn't it - and so much blossom this year. Yes, this our labyrinth, only just cut. Hoping to define the lines with suitable plants and flowers. Certainly the doing of it was a bit of a brain fryer - creating the path rather than the lines. Much credit goes to my partner for being able to think in reverse whilst mowing .....