Tuesday, 6 September 2011

What is in the bottle?

This is my response to this blog post by Jackie Morris.

Jackie's bottle

The image of the bottle caught my eye; I have a similar one which has been with me for so long that I can no longer remember where it came from. It has been lost and found, but has somehow survived into the present, where it currently hangs quietly by the fire.

Like Jackie's bottle, mine has held many things - rainbows, hidden hills, a sense of the sea. The fragrance of night scented Stocks, Phlox. The trace of a tune. A window of stars amongst fast blown clouds and briefly, the moon.

At this moment, this is what my bottle contains - and what I think might be found in Jackie's bottle too. Sometimes.

1 comment:

laoi gaul~williams said...

i am finally catching up with a multitude of blogs and find myself here again :)
i love this post and the cat to be found in your bottle!
you have reminded me that i too had a similar bottle many years ago...i wish i knew where it went too...probably on travels unknown!